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Our clinics based in Thodupuzha, are run by Dr Alias Thomas and Dr.Marilyn Alias. This clinic was established with a unique concept of fine treatment planning and a prime commitment for hygiene. The patient follow up system of our clinic is one of the first types in Kerala. Today we are providing supreme treatment care for a large community.

Our clinics at Temple Bypass Road and Main Road Thodupuzha are renowned in providing excellent treatment care and services. They have been constantly evolving through the years into the best treatment centers at Thodupuzha. Our clinics utilize the advanced diagnostic and treatment options for all our patients. We have a talented and highly skilled team of dentists who deliver quality level care to the patients.

Our team consists of resident doctors who are available throughout the working hours and specialist consultants who cater specific needs and are available on certain days. We provide all the special treatment options like Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Oral Surgery. Moreover, our experienced dental assistants make the treatments more comfortable and feel at home for the patients.

We strive to educate and impart the oral hygiene measures and preventive techniques to our patients for a healthy smile. Above all, we provide special emergency treatment care and facilities to patients who require immediate attention.

Your smile is precious to us and we take utmost care in enhancing your happiness with our services. Come and experience the holistic oral care at our clinics with your family.

Dr.Alias Thomas
Dental Surgeon

Dr.Marilyn Alias
Dental Surgeon

Why Choose Us

You have many reasons...


Advanced Diagnostic techniques and Treatment methods

Our diagnostic techniques and treatments utilizes modern equipments in dentistry which provide accurate and perfect outcome.


Skilled Professional team 

We have proficient and qualified dentists to provide for each and every specific need of patients


Quality level treatment at cost effective rates

Our treatment care meets the highest standards and are delivered at affordable rates


Emergency care

We provide emergency care services for patients who require immediate attention.


Acessible Locations

Both our clinics are located at convenient locations and are reachable from within and outside town


Car parking facility

Adequate car parking space for patients at both the clinics


Pleasant and comfortable care

Our special team of dental assistants makes the patients more feel at home and secure.


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