Certain frequently asked Questions :

Q : I am not happy with my teeth when I smile, is there a faster way than braces to make them more attractive ?

A : In some cases, we can bond a tooth colored material to close spaces & cover discolorations. Or, a more permanent aesthetic solution is Laminates, which can be used to correct rotations, spacing, fractures & discolorations.

Q : Why are cleanings needed every 6 to 9 months or more frequently ?

A : It is important to maintain the health & strength of teeth & gums. Most adults get build-up of plaque & calculus on their teeth, which if left untreated, leads to gum disease & eventual tooth loss. It is important to maintain a regular schedule of oral health maintenance.

Q : Is Tooth bleaching permanent ?

A : Commonly, whitening effects may last for nearly 3-4 years.

Q : What is a Crown ?

A : When a tooth is severely broken down, it needs to be entirely covered to restore the tooth to its original shape & function. This is called a cap / crown.

Q : Do I really need to replace that missing tooth ?

A : By replacing the missing tooth, you will restore proper function & alleviate future problems. If the space is left open, over time, the teeth on either side may begin to tip over or erupt, & this can lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay, & an improper bite.

Q : When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time ?

A : It's important to get an early on dental care, so that your child will learn that visiting the dentist is a regular part of health care.
The first step is to choose a dentist for your child. We suggest a visit by age 1 for an initial visit. It is important to make this first visit a positive experience for your child.
Regular visits should be maintained once all of their baby teeth have come in.

Q : When should I start brushing my child's teeth ?

A : Be sure to get an early start on regular dental care at home. Start cleaning your child's mouth with a soft damp cloth before teeth come in & continue with a soft toothbrush once he or she has a first tooth. Limit the no. of sugary treats you give your child, & focus on healthy food choices from the very beginning.